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united states of grunge

Long-Sleeved Plaid Shirt, Target
BDG Cigarette Jeans, Urban Outfitters
Converse All-Star Classics, gift

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I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve made it a goal to keep this thing updated as much as I can, especially during the cooler months.  My hair has gotten longer & lighter, none of my clothes fit me anymore because I’ve lost almost 15 pounds, and I’m almost done with college.  My cat just coughed up a hair ball and I have to go to work now.


there’s something about the summer

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I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with this thing, but it’s just too hot to wear much of anything in Florida during the summer.  But here’s a post for you, this is close to what I’ve been wearing almost every day.  I love the summer, but I’m ready for the fall so that I can start wearing clothes and actually be comfortable in them.

do you love me, do you, surfer girl?

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My mother is adorable and I love her very much!  Hey Mom!

I’ve been going to the beach so much lately that I think it’s time for a new swimsuit.  I’d like to find one that is more functional when it comes to my favorite summer hobby–surfing!  I got a 7’3 NSP board for my birthday back in March, and yesterday was the first day that surf conditions were close to perfect.  I spent all day yesterday and most of today out there and have neglected my dear blog.  I promise a new outfit post on Tuesday!

Oh and hello, followers!  I would like to get to know you!  Feel free to say hi :]

nice to meet you

My name is Amanda Kenney and I am a 20 year old fashion/editorial photographer from Florida.  I am starting this blog in hopes of developing my personal style as I explore fashion through the viewfinder on my camera.